• Leadership Courses in Singapore

    Leadership courses in Singapore are available for people at all levels of management, from the CEO to the junior member of the staff. They cover eight modules each, with weekly teaching sessions. Topics include Effective Leadership, The Job of the Leader, Power and Influence, Leading Teams for Effective Performance, Strategies and Models for Leading Change, Mastering Complexity and Pluralism, and Reflecting on Your Purpose as a Leader.

    Effective Manager Programme

    If you are a rising leader, you're probably aware of the challenges of making the transition from an individual contributor to a manager. Most new managers are promoted because of their excellent individual performance. But being an effective manager requires more than just training in management theory and leadership techniques. It requires developing emotional intelligence and learning how to bring out the best in others. In Singapore, this training is only open to Singaporeans. But if you're thinking about taking this programme, here are some tips to help you be a better leader:

    The Leading for Results programme is aimed at executives who can influence and inspire extraordinary achievement. Typical participants are middle or senior managers with at least six years' experience managing people and significant line and functional responsibilities. Many have responsibilities in multiple countries and a high potential for further advancement. The course is particularly beneficial for managers who have successfully transitioned from individual contributor to manager role. This course will develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective manager in the future.

    Agile Leadership Principles and Practices

    An Agility course will focus on the principles and practices of Agility in organizations, including organizational design, change, and people. It will also examine the relationship between culture and leadership. An Agile leader is humble, open, and willing to learn. The course will provide you with tools to inspire others and create change. It is a great choice for anyone in a leadership position. Read on to discover why Agile is so important to today's businesses.

    Among the benefits of Agile leadership is that it encourages teams to focus on what matters most and adds value. Teams who follow an Agile approach are more efficient, as the guiding principles are efficiency and excellence. This leads to a greater sense of commitment among employees and lower staff turnover. In today's fast-paced environment, solid teams and leaders are critical to a company's success. Therefore, an Agile leadership course is a great way to increase your business's efficiency.

    Agile Leadership Training

    If you are looking for a course that will prepare you to lead an agile team, an accredited CAL course may be the perfect choice for you. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to foster an agile culture, empower your team to work independently, and develop a mindset of transparency. It is also perfect for executives, senior managers, consultants, and other managers who want to enhance their leadership skills. The course includes lectures and exercises that will help you learn how to effectively manage a team and embrace agile practices.

    One of the most important aspects of this course is the Agility in Organizations Series. This workshop will teach you how to identify the culture of your organization, and develop it based on its values. Afterwards, you will learn about the Competing Values Framework, and key levers for leadership development. By the end of the course, you will have a clear and actionable plan to implement agile leadership practices in your company.

    Agile Coaching

    The Agile Coaching in leadership courses in Singapore consists of two parts, Volume 1 and Volume 2. After completing the first part, participants must complete the second volume. The latter is a much deeper course, and students must practice their new skills in a practical setting to earn the certificate. The course emphasizes the different skills involved in agile leadership, including self-organization and flexibility. It is recommended that you consider completing both parts, as they offer many benefits.

    While agile can benefit a team's performance, it does not have a silver bullet. Efforts to adopt it will meet with opposition and internal and external influences. This is why organizations need to hire a coach with experience and a pragmatic and empirical approach. This individual will be a valuable addition to the team. In addition to helping the team achieve success, coaching will provide them with a foundation in applying agile techniques.

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